This is MMCL Pro

… the ultimate and preferred luxury beauty retail destination for aspiring and established Industry professionals and artists based in the UK.

MMCL Pro is a professional membership scheme without charge and is open to:

Hairstylists | Makeup Artists | Fashion Stylists & Models | Designers | Beauty Writers | Cosmetologists | Manicurists | Beauty & Fashion Photographers | Enrolled or Graduated Beauty & Creative Students | Aestheticians

Members of this professional artisan scheme can rely on the high quality, innovatory and revolutionary luxury Skincare, Haircare, and Color essentials within in the MMCL Distribution portfolio, during their professional career and for personal discovery.



Product discounts

Members of the MMCL Pro Membership Scheme will enjoy discounts on purchases in the following categories:

Professionals and artists already working in the beauty industry will receive a 30% discount; and Students and graduates will receive a 20% discount.

MMCL Pro members will also have the opportunity to shop select luxury goods PRIOR to in store launch.

MMCL Pro members will experience a high quality shopping and customer service experience when they choose to visit for luxury goods to use personally and in their professional career.

MMCL events

The MMCL Pro Membership includes ‘first chance’ invitations for the MMCL Pro to attend (pre) launch activities as well as in store events hosted by MMCL. Other events will include luxury brand events hosted exclusively by MMCL for Industry Pros and students at MMCL HQ and at specified event locations.

Student Membership


The MMCL Pro Membership Scheme welcomes all enrolled beauty and makeup students to join the exclusive professional membership scheme. Students, whether enrolled or graduate can enjoy shopping MMCL brands for personal use or to use as tools to enhance their career development.

Who can apply

Students currently undertaking accredited beauty, makeup, college or university programmes can apply to become a MMCL Pro.

Beauty graduates are also eligible to apply on the basis that they can provide information to support full completion of an accredited beauty or makeup course of study.


If you’re interested in becoming a MMCL Pro and you have questions, please see below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How do I become a member of MMCL Pro; what discount will I get and am I eligible for the programme?

To become a member please complete the MMCL Pro membership form and submit proof of your role these can include tear sheets, credits, business website details, college documents, college certificates.

Becoming a member of MMCL Pro means that you will be able to shop across our portfolio of luxury brands to ensure your kit contains the hottest must-have products.

Professional Makeup Artists receive a 30% discount. Other I ndustry Professionals and students receive a 20% discount.

How much does the membership cost?

Membership for MMCL Pro Scheme is complimentary for all professional makeup artists, students and other industry professionals living and working in the UK.

Once you have submitted relevant documents and been approved you are all set to shop!

The MMCL Pro membership discount scheme is exclusively available on

How long does it take for an application to be processed and how long would it take to be notified if I was approved or not?

Application approval will take up to 7 working days. You will hear from us even if your application has been unsuccessful following the submission of your application.

How do I change my address and contact information?

Membership registration information may be updated by emailing quoting your MMCL Pro ID number, your initial registration details and finally all new contact details.

I am a MMCL Pro Student member who has graduated. How can I obtain an upgrade on my membership?

Please email quoting your MMCL Pro ID number, your current address and finally submit relevant documents of your fantastic new role in the world of beauty. Once approved you will receive confirmation of your upgraded account.

As a MMCL Pro member how much can I buy?

The following limits apply to your MMCL Pro Membership discount purchases:

  • Only 2 units of each product per order;
  • Purchase limit after discount per order is £550;
  • Only 2 orders can be made each month; and
  • Only 2 aerosol products per order.

I am a MMCL Pro Member & have a question about my order.

Please email quoting your MMCL Pro ID number, your address and the order number that you are querying

When does my MMCL Pro membership expire?

The MMCL Pro Membership programme is valid for one year after which renewal may be made via email to quoting your MMCL Pro ID number and your address.

Your MMCL Pro Membership number remains the same.

MMCL Pro Members are required to re-submit a new membership application form and all supporting documentation for memberships that have lapsed for 6 or more months after the date of expiry.

Where is my MMCL Pro Member ID?

Your MMCL Pro member ID will be on your email confirmation of acceptance and shown on all orders you place. Please keep this number safe as you will need to quote it for any future enquiries.

Are there any restrictions on how I can utilise my MMCL Pro discount?

Discounted purchases are for personal and Professional use only. Resale or unauthorised use (social media competitions, resale on e-bay, gumtree etc) of products purchased via the MMCL Pro Membership Scheme are strictly prohibited.

How do I get an exchange or refund for my MMCL Pro purchases?

MMCL operates an exchange and refund policy that you can read in full here.

Are discount codes eligible for application to a MMCL Pro member's purchase(s)?

Registered MMCL Pro members already receiving 30% and 20% discounts may not apply further discounts to their MMCL Pro purchases. Special discount codes will be generated for MMCL Pro members to bring their membership discount in lines with current offers that are greater than 30%. Discounts applied to MMCL Pro purchases via an unauthorised discount code must be re-added to payment of goods prior to dispatch.