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Living LEGEND, vegan herself and the brand’s authentic FRENCH influence BRIGITTE BARDOT would NEVER put her name to something that is not ethically created and vegan itself like the #VEGANCERTIFIED BARDOT Haircare range by haircare creator Stephen Durham.

Like his pioneering American English Haircare range, Durham’s newest tress perfecting masterpieces are jam packed with powerful botanicals and natural ingredients such as baobab, horsetail extract, sea buckthorn and quinoa that combine to cleanse, condition, protect, boost shine, improve hair health and strength and deliver effortless volume and style.

It is time to Style, Cleanse, Repair, Strengthen, Travel and Volumise with new luxury vegan haircare range BARDOT.


If you’re here for effortless BARDOT-esque and voluminous Hollywood hair style and hair finesse, shop the BARDOT Haircare styling range and add texture, strength, boost hair shine and volumize whilst you do it.


BARDOT Haircare

Say hello to the newest haircare heroes to hit the UK with powerful vegan cleansing systems that will do things that your hair will love. Cleanse and repair with the new BARDOT VOLUMINOUS hair care range today.