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Kickstart 2021 on the ultimate skin and gut health journey with OPTY.NC; a natural, food-based, ingestible beauty supplement created by founders and friends Karissa Mather and Cate Lilja.

OPTY.NC  is not another food supplement entering the UK market. This nutritionally scientific health essential combines the solutions of  FOUR elixirs by targeting 4 key pillars of optimal gut and skin health with just one product: the  Ultimate 1.0 Skin Food Elixir that:

Nurtures a healthy gut, nails and microbiome | Strengthens nails and supports skin’s own collagen production | Protects against free radical damage | Promotes optimal nutrition for overall wellness.

Ethically sourced and sustainably produced, OPTY,NC products contain the highest quality, nutrient-dense food ingredients in proven dosages that guarantee healthy vibrant skin and nails and a healthy and balanced gut.


This is OPTY.NC. The 2021 Beauty Shortlist Award winner and all in one Ultimate Skin Food Elixir that will transform the way you care for your gut, skin, nail and hair. Take the health improvement OPTY.NC journey.

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