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Founded in 2012, this relatively new but internationally popular line is not your ordinary cosmetic range.

touch in SOL, the brainchild of KOREAN BEAUTY innovator Sean Lim is a fusion of LIFE, ENERGY, COLOUR, INNOVATION, and FUN which helps the brand to transcend the skincare and makeup realms of beauty. The drive to satisfy growing demand for newness and exceptional ability to evolve with dynamic Korean and international pop cultures as well as with rapidly changing fashion trends can only be attributed to the advanced technologies and the breakthrough formulations that go into the creation of each touch in SOL product.

Discover the secrets of Korean beauty; discover touch in SOL.


The perfect introduction to K-Beauty, these face products bring the cutting edge in Korean technology, combining ‘good for skin’ botanicals with innovative textures. Each formula will provide different benefits to bring a fresh, flawless and long wear look to your make up.


Eyes & Lips

Top your look off with the uber cool touch in Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Shadow Duos, the ultimate waterproof and sweatproof brow formulas and the innovative lipstick that gives the best pop of colour, whilst hydrating and moisturising.